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At Bomb Marketing, we believe that significant results can only come from great work, which is what we’ve been committed to since our founding in 2024. We’re an influential Marketing and Advertising Agency dedicated to helping our clients get in front of the right audiences.

Through a combination of press work, promotions and events, we’ve become experts at getting our clients’ brands noticed. We form strong and successful relationships and partnerships with our clientele, and are proud of the heights we reach together.

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Owner and Operator

Eddie Baumgartner

During his time as a Marketing Manager for Harley-Davidson, Eddie spent countless hours talking with and engaging with local small businesses. It was during these conversations that he felt called to not only help local business owners with their marketing and advertising problems but to create a generational brand that is grounded in the Low Country Community. Fueled by the idea of helping his local community grow and prosper Eddie launched Bomb Marketing 

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Account Executive

An award-winning Account Executive, from the minute Jordan Parker joined our team they have been making an impressive impact with their creative ideas and solutions. They are an expert in handling multi-faceted campaigns that create major media buzz.

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Media Relations Specialist

With an approach that goes above and beyond the call of duty, Reese Whiteman is a proactive strategist and in it for the long-haul. Skilled in developing engaging stories that captivate audiences and are not easily forgotten.

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